Group Fitness Class Booking Protocols


What will classes look like with Covid protocols

  • Class times will be held in conjunction with the already established workout times in the Fitness Centre. This will allow for safe numbers within the facility as a whole. You can get more information on the workout times at
  • Because masks will not be required while class is in progress (see info below under ‘masks’) late entry into the room will not be permitted once the class has begun.
  • Entry in and out of the facility for classes will follow the same protocol as the already established Fitness Centre protocols. Please read these protocols here.
  • Please note that as outlined below, registration for group fitness classes will follow their own system.


As stated above, group fitness classes will follow along with the pre-determined workout times of the Fitness Centre, as such classes will last only as long as the time slot allows (1 hr maximum).

CLASS REGISTRATION PROCESS (please read carefully)

  • Group fitness classes are open to the following participants: current mta students, MTA faculty and staff with membership privileges and members of the public with current fitness centre memberships. at this time day passes are not accepted.
  • We will begin with a maximum of 10 participants per class.
  • Participants must register for a class by emailing . Requests made through any other method, including our social media pages, will not be processed.
  • participants may register for classes starting at 8am on the thursday prior to the following calendar week only, and no closer than 1 day in advance of the class(es) they intend to book.
  • participants will be permitted to sign up for as many classes as they like for the given calendar week as outlined above.
  • You will be sent an email confirmation of your spot(s) in class. Email confirmations will be sent during regular working hours (not on evenings or weekends). All effort will be made to respond in a timely manner.
  • We ask that you please only register for classes that you truly intend to attend. in the event that you cannot attend your scheduled class, you must contact the email above so that instructors are aware. At this time we will not be keeping a waiting list or accepting drop- ins.page1image8188672  page1image8188864


  • Classes will be LIMITED to 10 participants and 1 instructor. This number will allow for appropriate distancing within the fitness studio.
  • ALL participants must pre-register for class. * PLEASE READ the registration process outlined above.
  • To assist with physical distancing we will be using a grid system on the floor. We ask that you remain in your grid throughout the class unless a restroom is required.


  • When equipment is required for class, each participant will be required to use the sanitizer wipes provided for both collecting and returning items. This will apply to mats and dumbbells. The instructor will assist with the coordination of this process within the room.
  • Although mats are available for use, you are strongly encouraged to bring your own.


  • In keeping with University protocols, masks are mandatory on campus upon entering and exiting the Fitness Centre facility.
  • Masks are required upon entering and exiting the fitness studio.
  • Masks are required upon set-up of your individual workout space/grid, including the set up of any equipment.
  • Masks are required until said time that the instructor has deemed the space safely set up.
  • Masks will NOT be required once class begins (the instructor will give direction as to when it is appropriate to remove masks).


  • Locker Rooms and Rest Rooms will be limited to 2 people.
  • You are encouraged to come dressed for class (with the exception of sneakers) so that locker room use is minimal.
  • In the hopes of protecting our floor indoor sneakers are still required. There will be enough space inside the studio within your grid to change into your indoor sneakers. We would ask that you please wipe your outdoor shoes as best as possible as you enter the facility.

Most of all, we are excited to return to group fitness classes. We appreciate your support in following the guidelines so that we may once again train together.