The Mount Allison swimming pool is located in the lower level of the Athletic Centre.
The pool is available for use during scheduled membership swim times. Bathing caps are required and may be purchased at the main equipment desk for $3.50.

For more information about the pool, contact John Peters at 364-2403 or jpeters@mta.ca

For Pool schedule look in Recreation and Facility Schedules.


RLSS Courses

Life guard and instructor courses are available throughout the year. Contact John Peters at the Aquatics Office at 364-2403 for more information.


Swimming Lessons

Red Cross Swimming lessons are available to Mount Allison students, faculty and staff and are offered through the Town of Sackville Recreation Department. For more information, phone 364-4955.

Masters Swim Club

The coach for the Masters Swim Club is Brenna Rothfuss, from Cookville, NB. Brenna will be offering a combination of new activation/stretching techniques on deck; technique/drill oriented practices; and “endurance focused sets”. She is striving to provide a breakdown and understanding of the strokes, as well as building your personal technique and endurance!

The Masters program is designed for adults at any age/skill level with a focus on stroke development and improvement, and swimming skills that promote lifelong fitness. All skill levels are welcome, and individual programs are designed for the specific goals of participants over the course of the term.

The club is open to Mount Allison staff and students and the Sackville community aged 18 and over. This program is not offered through the summer months.

START DATE: Tuesday, September 18, 2018

TIME: Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:00 - 9:00 pm

COST: $110/year for people with an existing pool membership, (pool membership cost $170.00) and $150/20-session punch card allowing the flexibility to    attend when available.

CONTACT: Brenna Rothfuss: bnrothfuss@mta.ca

CONTACT: Cartherine Gray: ddacton@eastlink.ca


  • If you have a pool membership or wish to purchase a pool membership, the Masters Swim Club is available to you for the cost of $110 for the whole program consisting of approximately 56 sessions. This works out to $5.00/night if you were able to attend every session!!
  • If you do not have a pool membership or are unable to commit to 56 sessions, there is the option of buying a 20 session pass for $150. This works out to $7.50 per class, but you will only be paying for the classes you actually attend. This pay-as-you-go option will help provide both stability for the program while offering flexibility for those who feel that they will be unable to make a good number of the sessions.
  • We do offer a drop-in rate of $10.00 for those who may be visiting.
  • Payments can be made by cash or cheque, (payable to Mount Allison University), at the pool administration office on the 3rd floor of the Athletic Centre with Jill Yorke. We have decided to make the administration of the program paperless, so in lieu of membership cards and punch passes we will simply have Brenna or myself email the attendance to the administration after each class.
  • We encourage you to consider purchasing a pool membership, which provides you unlimited access to member swims at the pool 12 months of the year!



Please contact John Peters
jpeters@mta.ca or 364-2403